What Homeowners Are Saying About Rivendale Homes

Discover the delight of owning a home built with exceptional craftsmanship, designed for your comfort, and backed by a comprehensive warranty. Each testimonial speaks to the joy and satisfaction that comes with owning a contemporary home in Austin's urban core.

Our Shining Reviews Speak For Themselves

Our experience with Rivendale Homes was easy, trouble free and exciting from start to finish...
Dan & Deborah W.

The design of the house makes a lot of sense. The large under the stair pantry is great. Love the windows, natural light, and the sense of openness in the house...
Joshua P.

Thank you so much for setting up the walk thru. Not only was everything in order but in my 13 years of selling real estate have I never seen such a quality build with special attention to detail...
Karen F.

We absolutely LOVE and truly enjoy our home. It is just beautiful. This being said, sometimes things still come up, even with a new beautiful home. We appreciate how quickly you were able to resolve our issues.
Ava B.

As our first home buying experience we feel fortunate to have landed on a Rivendale Home.
Emma P.

The entire team was excellent. Superb customer service. Best home buying experience we have had here in Austin and this is our 5th home purchase...
Jeremy N.

I could not be more satisfied with my new home. I am thrilled with the quality of workmanship and materials...
Jeffery C.

Your home was built well both inside and out. I was impressed! There are many new construction properties in Austin that don't show the same attention to detail.
Licensed Home Inspector

I had a great experience with Rivendale Homes. Their customer service has been excellent.
David J.

Rivendale Homes' superior quality far exceeds expectations."
Artumus R.

It was beautifully designed and built. We loved every aspect of it!
Virginia R.

I love my house and Ben has been wonderful at texting me with my millions of questions. Most realtors wouldn't go above and beyond like he has!
Allison P.

I really like the modern design and open floor plan. It's also larger than I was shopping for.
Patrick L.

Y'all did a FANTASTIC job with our community and I hope that you buy the lots next to ours and build more.
Marc J.

I’ve been impressed with the responsiveness of everyone I’ve met since closing.
Rebecca F.

This home = happiness. Beautiful. So, we are glad to spread the word on the skills and services of Rivendale Homes, Texas.
Thomas & Elisa C.

House was in a good location at a price that met our budget and we loved that it was NEW!
Lindsey M.

Well designed home with a backyard. I'm enjoying my new home!
Bibby M.

We fell in love instantly. Great design and the yard was exactly what we were looking for.
Chris H.

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