Crafted With Care, Inspected For Excellence By Your Custom Home Builder

At Rivendale Homes, crafting your dream home involves meticulous attention to detail, an integral aspect of our custom home building process. It also includes rigorous inspection processes, leveraging our expertise in creating quality custom homes in Austin. Every feature and component undergoes thorough inspection and quality checks for optimal performance, safety, and longevity, aligning with our vision as home builders. Here's a comprehensive look at the inspection process that ensures every corner of your custom home meets and exceeds the highest expectations.

Detailed Inspections For Your Peace of Mind

Building Inspetecction

Checks structural integrity for lasting safety and durability in your luxury custom homes.

Electric Inspection

Verifies wiring and electrical components meet safety standards, enhancing your family's safety.

Mechanical Inspection

Assesses all mechanical systems for efficient functionality, promoting a seamless lifestyle.

Plumbing Inspection

Confirms the plumbing systems are leak-free and efficient, avoiding unwanted surprises.

Energy Inspection

Evaluates energy efficiency for lower utility costs and eco-friendliness, aligning with our business ethos of sustainability.

Driveway Inspection

Ensures a smooth and safe entry to your home, contributing to the finishing touches.

Sidewalks Inspection

Guarantees safe, even surfaces around your property.

Sewer Tap Inspection

Validates proper functioning of your sewage system, keeping your dream home hassle-free.

Environmental Inspection

Checks for environmentally friendly construction and features.

Water Tap Inspection

Confirms the proper installation of your water supply.

Energy Final

Certifies overall energy efficiency of your completed home, providing sustainable luxury.

Building Layout

Ensures the structure matches the designed layout, realizing your vision of an open floor plan.

Foundation Inspection

Assesses the strength and stability of your foundation, a prerequisite in house construction.

Framing Inspection

Checks the framing structure for durability and safety.

Insulation Inspection

Validates correct insulation installation for energy efficiency.

Wallboard Inspection

Verifies secure wallboard installation for interior finish, an important part of the process.

Termite Inspection

Protects your beautiful custom homes from potential termite damage.

Final Building Inspection

A comprehensive post-construction check for adherence to the highest building standards.
Modern Texas-style luxury home with an open floor plan

Focused Quality Assurance Walkthroughs

Your home undergoes a series of quality walkthroughs, each designed to confirm the flawless craftsmanship and execution of every detail, enhancing your living experience:

Foundation Quality Walkthrough

Ensures a strong and stable foundation.

Frame Quality Walkthrough Floor & Roof

Checks structural integrity of the frame.

Sheetrock Quality Walkthrough

Verifies the proper installation and finish of sheetrock.

Mechanical Quality Walkthrough

Confirms efficient performance of all mechanical systems.

Electrical Quality Walkthrough

Guarantees safe and effective electrical installations.

Masonry Quality Walkthrough

Ensures durable and aesthetically pleasing masonry work.

Drywall Quality Walkthrough

Checks the quality and finish of all drywall installations.

Fencing/Landscaping Quality Walkthrough

Certifies a secure, appealing exterior environment.

Jobsite Security & Cleanliness

Maintains a safe, clean environment during construction.

Trim/Interior Walkthrough

Confirms high-quality interior finishes and trim work.

Final Quality Control Walkthrough

A final, thorough review of all aspects of construction.

Homeowner Orientation & Walkthrough

Guides you through all the features of your new home, ensuring you're well-acquainted with every corner.

Luxury Austin Homes With Craftsmanship You Can Trust

No stone is left unturned in the quest to present you with a home that's a true embodiment of style, comfort, and utility. As one of the top home builders in Central Texas, every inspection and walkthrough underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering a home of the highest quality. Experience the Hill Country life with our beautiful custom homes designed with an architectural design that enhances your lifestyle.
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