Embrace Luxury And Sustainable Living In A New Austin Home With Unmatched Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and comfort go hand in hand at Rivendale Homes. Our commitment to creating energy-efficient homes while protecting the environment is reflected in every detail of construction, from our innovative designs and locally sourced materials to the latest eco-friendly features.

Maximize Comfort And Savings With Energy-Efficient Features

Explore an array of energy-efficient features with smart ecological designs that provide ultimate comfort and luxury while reducing your utility bills – and protecting the environment.
A stunning 2-story home at dusk with a large driveway, green lawn, and modern landscaping

Low-E Windows

Enjoy natural light and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on energy savings. Low-E windows block infrared and UV light, reducing heat and lowering your energy bills.

Custom HVAC System

Stay comfortable year-round with a high-efficiency HVAC system designed specifically for the Central Texas climate to ensure optimal temperature control and maximum savings.

Green Landscaping

Appreciate the beauty of native plant life with a low-waste irrigation system that conserves water while keeping your landscape lush all year around.

High-Efficiency Spray Foam Insulation

Experience superior temperature control with insulation that limits heat exchange between the indoors and outdoors.

Sealed Home Environment

Feel safe and secure in a home with classic architectural style protected against outdoor noise, critters, and airborne irritants, such as dust and pollen.

Programmable WiFi Thermostats

Automate your energy savings with thermostats that integrate seamlessly with almost any Smart Home technology.

Our Commitment To Energy And Environmental Design

At Rivendale Homes, we strive to protect the environment with every home we build. Our innovative designers incorporate energy-efficient features, smart technology, and sustainable practices into your new home to provide an eco-friendly living experience you'll enjoy for years to come.Connect with us today to learn more about our eco-friendly construction practices and how you can embrace a sustainable lifestyle with comfort, luxury, and lower energy costs.
A homeowner controlling their home electronics with an application on a table

Own A Rivendale Home Today

Reduce your luxurious home's environmental footprint with sustainable materials and eco-friendly features. Embrace green architecture and sustainable features without compromising on necessities like heating or central air conditioning. Make an attractive and artistic addition to your neighborhood today with an eco-friendly home. When it comes to luxury homes, Austin trusts Rivendale.
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