Rivendale Homes LLC Home Warranty - Build With An Industry Leader

When it comes to Building Luxury Homes in Austin Texas, There's one name that comes to mind : Rivendale Homes LLC. Rivendale Homes is a full-service custom home builder here in the Capital City. With more than thirty years of experience building high-end luxury custom homes, Rivendale has earned a stellar reputation for quality. Our Product is Backed by a 1,2,10 StrucSure Home Warranty which provides homeowners with peace of mind by offering protection and coverage for potential defects or issues after closing.

One Year Coverage = The One Year builder's warranty is a workmanship or "fit and finish" service contract agreement effective the day the homes closes. It often covers installation and general workmanship errors, including defects for components such as exterior siding and stucco, drywall, paint, interior trim, hardwood floors and a Fireplace if you have one.

Two Year Coverage = The Two Year coverage is a mechanical systems warranty effective the day the home closes. It Provides coverage for behind the wall components that do not meet the established performance standard. Example, Duck Work, electrical wiring and cooling System.

Ten Year Coverage = The 10 Year StrucSure Home Warranty coverage typically has the longest lifespan and is arguably the most important. The structural warranty covers the load-bearing elements of a new build, including foundation, roof framing, and other defects that make the home unsafe to live in. In addition, this StrucSure warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner should you decide to sell your house within the 10 year time frame

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