Commodities – Lumber & Concrete

The cost of Lumber exploded to 200-300% during the pandemic due to supply decreases and demand increases which created an increase of approximately $40,000 per single family home. In the last year, the cost of lumber has dropped as the supply has been able to catch up with the demand and is back to almost pre-pandemic numbers. Similarly, the cost of Concrete has been steadily increasing over the last 5 years and since the pandemic has increased close to 30%.

These large changes in commodity pricing cause the cost of housing to increase as the commodities increase and allow them to come back down as they stabilize. With the increase in interest rates this past year, buyers continue to struggle with housing affordability and Rivendale Homes continues to work on lowering their construction costs. Currently housing construction costs have dropped 10% from the highs experienced in the spring of 2022.

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