The Importance of Being Green

“We Recognize That We Have a Duty to the Environment and Sustainability and Strive to Fulfill that Duty With Every Home We Build.” -Rivendale Homes

A Rivendale Home is a home of innovation and excellence. We take pride and pay personal attention to every meticulous detail of our homes. We also take pride in the fact that every home we build applies these same principles of innovation and excellence when considering the environment. That is why we also build with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.

Having an environmentally sustainable home to us means contributing to the quality of the environment on a long-term basis. By making your home energy efficient we are applying the best practices in conserving energy and the environment. It also saves you money.

Here are some ways our homes improve sustainability and cut down on your bills.

  • Our homes feature Low-E 366 windows to resist heat and reduce your electric bill.
  • Walls and attics of our homes are insulated with high-efficiency spray foam insulation to provide additional savings and add to your level of comfort.
  • Premium comfort delivery ducts distribute conditioned air throughout your home and minimizes waste while reducing HVAC costs.
  • Our homes feature cutting edge HVAC systems to manage the home’s internal temperature effectively in the Central Texas climate.
  • We regularly install Energy Star® appliances and light fixtures.  These devices have been certified by the EPA as high efficiency devices.

*Our homes are covered by a Texas Association of Builders Home Warranty. This means your brand new energy efficient home is covered against repairs and replacements for expensive systems. Please see our Warranty page for more information.


***Home specifications vary.  Contact builder for the specifications on each home.

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